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About me - Patriciafreire Photography

Hi, My name is Patricia

I have always loved to take photos and studied photography at school back in Spain.  Photography is so much more than a job to me. It’s a way of life that has allowed me to savor emotions so they can be felt over & over again.  I have a lifelong deep love for cinema and movies have always inspired me, as well as fine art photography. I love to capture you and the ones you love in an intimate and wild way. My photography centers around the connection between pregnancy, mother and child and couples. In all weathers; for adventures and memories.

This is my family

This is Fer and Gabi My husband and I met back in high school and have been together ever since. Fer is an accomplished photographer and editor working in the background of Artlight Photography. He’s one of my biggest inspirations for creating a career in the arts. We had our son, Gabi, in 2012 and of course, our lives changed forever.  When Gabi was born everything became clearer. I needed to capture the raw primal intimate love between parents, pregnancy, and babies. When your body and theirs are so soulfully connected. 

Vacaciones 2021
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